If you want to write, edit, or review books for a living, there are certain things you should know first. One of the most important things you need to realize is that most writers, editors, and book critics are self employed, which means they don't get the same benefits that allow salaried and waged employees to visit a dental clinic without paying for services themselves. This article will give you your dental care options if you are self employed.

Most people who are self employed are forced to pay for their dentistry out of their own pockets. Prices vary from dentist to dentist, but a dental checkup and cleaning costs around $100. If you visit the dentist twice per year, that's $200 in out of pocket expenses, and that's only if your teeth are perfect. If you have cavities, each one will cost on the order of $150 to fix, while more involved procedures like root canals and applying crowns cost between $750 and $1600 per tooth. This can really add up if you don't take care of your teeth at home or if you have dependents who also need dental care.

For people who anticipate paying a lot of out of pocket costs to their dentist, the solution is to buy a dental care or supplementary health care plan from a medical insurance company like Blue Cross or Manulife. Plans vary widely in cost depending on whether you have pre-existing conditions or dependents and will usually come with limitations and deductibles but this can take the major burden of paying for dental care off your shoulders. The cheapest plans cost about $2 per day or a little over $700 per year.

A third option for people who simply aren't doing well enough financially to pay for a visit to the dentist is to simply forego dental visits entirely. If you are very diligent about brushing 4+ times per day, flossing at least once per day, using disinfecting mouthwash, and avoiding sticky, sugary, and acidic foods that can damage your enamel, you may be able to get away with this plan. However, it's not recommended. Even a small amount of tartar buildup can cause major pain and problems if left alone.

What you may have to do if you can't afford out of pocket expenses or medical insurance is to get a part time day job that offers you a benefit plan that will pay for visits to the family dentist. This is especially important to do if you think one of your children may need expensive orthodontic work done in the near future. Check with your employer to see what (if any) benefits you are entitled to should you take the job.

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