There are many reasons why people might consider looking at homes or other properties in Toronto. They might think that the city offers them the best chances of finding a job. They might think that the city has the best services. But really what they're thinking is that Toronto has more things to do and is therefore more fun. Food connoisseurs and people who just love to eat are one of the subsets of this group. Here are some of the food festivals held in Toronto so you can see if you want to live there.

Tasty Thursdays

Put on by the city of Toronto every Thursday from mid July to the end of August, Tasty Thursdays are often the subject of popular blogs. The event is held at Nathan Phillips Square and the admission is free. Tastings by chefs from popular Toronto restaurants are held from 11 am to 2 pm. Each one costs less than $5. The focus is on international cuisine. Some of the restaurants participating in the event include The Real Jerk, Sunshine Natural Foods, the Kathmandu Restaurant and Liberty Noodle. Free concerts accompany the tastings.


While most festivals are held during the summer months when the weather is more co-operative, Winterlicious gives companies doing a table rental in Toronto something to do during the winter months. Held during the first week of February, Winterlious consists of a prix fixe menu offered at popular Toronto restaurants so new customers who perhaps can't afford the regular fare can stop in and try out the food. Restaurants involved in the event change every year and the menus are posted on the internet so you can plan your attack.


This is a local festival organized by the neighborhood business association in early August. Like Winterlicious, it involved organized prix fixe menus that will entice new customers to restaurants in Roncelles Village, which hopefully raises the neighborhood's economic status and increases Toronto condo sales. The Roncylicious festival also offers special coupons and discounts, many of which you can qualify for by bringing donations for local food banks. Admission is free.

Vegetarian Food Fair

Cities are known for having an eclectic variety of people living in close proximity in Yonge and Eglinton condos. One group that's always growing is vegetarians, especially in Toronto. So every September the Toronto Vegetarian Association hosts a food festival - the largest such vegetarian event in North America. It's held at the Harborfront Center and admission is free. Displays consist of a market full of fresh food as well as booths by local restaurateurs and caterers. It's an event that's of interest to people who like food as well as people who are curious about becoming vegetarian.

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