Most people do more reading while they are in school then they will do in the rest of their life. You might need to research French kings for history (see for more) or installation of Gutter Soffits in London Ontario for instance, or need to understand the ins and out of mechanical operations before you get behind the driver's seat. If you're an English major, then you're going to be reading a lot of novels while you're in school. But, most people's readings are going to be learning the chapters of different textbooks so that they can be tested on them. There are some tips that can help you master the reading of a textbook.

What is the definition of 'textbook' according to the actual dictionary?

If you're given any assignment for class, then you will usually want to get it done as soon as possible. You might think that this is when speed reading skills come in handy when you're required to read a chapter or two in a textbook. But, you will find that when you're learning what you need to know to work in stock trades or when you're trying to pass a medical science class that you will learn more efficiently and effectively if you read the chapter once and take your time. Read every word and all of the different side notes and you will find that you are better able to remember what you read afterwards.

Make your textbook into as efficient a text as possible when it comes to going back and referring to it later. While you might not want to write in a book that you borrowed, this should not be a rule when it comes to your own textbooks. Get out your highlighter and pens to write notes in the margins as you're reading. You will find that when you need to go back to study for that university exam that it is much easier to do so if you have created a sort of map for yourself of the most important information.

Always have questions in mind when you're reading your textbooks. If you're reading a book on management while starting your own company or you're reading a textbook on world history, you should know why you're reading it and what information you're supposed to be getting out of it. A textbook is meant to answer a wealth of questions. So, you should know what those questions are while you're reading and when you're taking notes later.

It is an American and Canadian trademark of college student to have a stack of textbooks in front of you the week before exams while you try to cram as much knowledge as possible into your brain. One of the best ways to learn from your textbooks is to make summaries of what you have read. You should be able to recreate all of the important articles in each chapter before moving on.

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