Some people think that writing a book is easy. All you have to do is come up with a story, make sure it has a beginning and an end and then fill out the rest. Voila! If writing a book were that easy everybody would be doing it! The mistake that most people make is thinking that you can write any ole' book and it will become an instant best seller!

That's where the true distinction lies. While yes, anybody can write a book, whether it's the definitive history of Toronto or a satirical jab at world politics, the truth of the matter is that not every book will sell millions of copies and not every author will be able to call themselves a best selling author.

It might not seem like that would be the case, as you can find some books on the best selling list that aren't of the highest quality in terms of writing skills but they hit upon a certain demographic of readers that were looking for that specific type of a book to be written. You can't always rely on that though if you want to quit your day job to become a best selling author.

The author role is one that needs to be taken seriously if you want to become an author one day. You can't take half-hearted steps and hope that a book will somehow magically appear out of nowhere. In order to write a best selling book you need to have the motivation to write every day and keep at it, no matter how hard it is. Writing isn't like surgery where precision is key. You're going to screw up a lot during the writing process.

Writing involves a lot of re-writing so you need to be critical of yourself. No matter how much you love the first act of your novel if it doesn't work with the ending of it you're going to have to scrap it and come up with something new. Frustration is an emotion all writers deal with when writing and if you can't handle it then it's best you stop now and go back to your usual career.

Write everyday, whether that involves writing novel outlines or daily blogs. If you can combine the amount of writing you put in with a captivating story you will increase your odd of writing a best selling novel!

Here are a few different genres of writing:

Narrative - the telling of a story.
Creative Writing - fiction, poetry, drama, screenwriting, autobiographies, e.g. "Wuthering Heights".
Descriptive Writing - writing that serves to show, describe.
Business Writing - includes business plan writing, resume writing, letter writing, technical writing, content writing.

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